Sunday, December 13, 2009

Way Too LOng

It's been way too long since I posted here on my blog and way too long since I
made a bear...I read on another blog how you tend to forget the thrill of making
a bear, how their sweet faces come to life and how wonderful the whole little
creation comes together. This has been my experience, I fell in love all over
again with bear making, and this sweet little bear named Maddy. :D Isn't she just darling!!!

My son was looking at her and then set her on my dresser. Well, there was a crocheted bunny I had made sitting just behind her. From my angle in the room it looked like Maddy was wearing bunny ears...That was just waaaaay too cute, so of course I had to make some ears for Maddy and she just loves them!!!

I've listed Maddy on eBay and she will be there till next Sunday December 20th, of course unless someone uses the Buy It Now option....Click the link here to go and visit Maddy on eBay......

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