Sunday, February 14, 2010

****Familiar New Bear****

Aaaa, Here is one of the little bears I've been working on. Now, this little darling probably looks familiar.
It's Sunshine's sister. She is a special order for a very nice lady who saw Sunshine and really wanted her. But was a bit late in contacting me. So I offered to do a sibling, she does have the option to not buy her, and that's okay too, because I can put her Bearpile or Etsy. But I really like how this little sister is turning out. She should be done tomorrow. I do hope she finds a really nice home. :D
I'll get pictures soon of the other bear I'm working on, another mohair.

BB(Before Bears)
Below are some pictures of what I was doing to release my creative craving before bears.
These are altered dominoes. Each one was hand drawn, colored in, and made into a pendant for a necklace. I sold many of these one of a kind pendants on eBay. This was about a year and a half before I discovered the wonderful world of bear making! :D


  1. Looks like she'll be a real cutie. Love her little face.
    Your domino pendants are/were beautifully done. A great idea, too!
    Laura ♥

  2. I'll be shocked if Sunshine's sister isn't loved! I think she's adorable!!

  3. Aww, thanks so much for the very nice comments. As I have worked on her she has just gotten cuter and cuter!!! Can't wait to finish her up today. I'll post more later. <3

  4. Adorabile il tuo piccolo bear !

    Ciao da Venezia