Friday, February 19, 2010

Late Posting New Bear

Oh I feel like I'm posting this a bit late. I put this bear up on Bearpile and Etsy yesterday. I should have put it here first. Uhgg! I still feel new to all this. I never really thought I'd ever have a blog. But here it is. And it's fun. But I'm not sure about the etiquette. I'll figure it out, as I do this more and more.
Anyway, I hope you like the new bear, I named her Ming. Not for any special reason, her name really came about by accident. I was doing some editing of her pictures and saving the files. I wasn't sure what to call the files so I was just putting,
mint green, well one of the times I was filling in the file name my fingers skipped the t on mint and put the g from green, and there it was ming... I do think it suits her though. :D


  1. Little Ming is just adorable!
    ..Now there's a unique way of naming your bears!!!