Monday, July 26, 2010

Please Bear with Me

I've wandered into the "land of new template designer". I hadn't planned it, but
I clicked, then I clicked into another area, and then another!!!
And there I was, playing with all the new features. So my blog will
probably be going through some pretty obvious changes, some may look okay,
some may not. I may just at time click out and leave it if I get frustrated.

My son and I are moving north to Colorado this week so my bear making
is on hold. And I'm already just aching to grab a needle, thread and some
bear fabric. But it's mostly packed away, so I'm going to just have to wait.
I'm getting some nice ideas about what I want my next bear to look like.....
so we'll see.

My left shoulder is still painful from the accident and I really can't lift
my arm up and around at all. It hurts to really do anything, it's hard to even get
dressed. Guess I'll be seeing a doc about that. And it's really hard to pack for moving
aaaaaaa, so much fun.

Okay, so off I go,
hope you all have a great week!!!
And thought I'd post a picture of my little girl
Pippin. :D

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