Monday, August 9, 2010

My Cranberry

I just finished this little darling today. I've been working on the
new pattern over the weekend, and I feel like, whew! I finally
finished this little guy. Although he didn't take too much longer
than any of my other bears. The cranberry colored fabric is
very soft and reminds me of a long pile velvet, although it's not.
But, oooooooo, I'll tell you that fabric was sooo hard to work with.
I probably will not be using that fabric again. It was like trying to
push a needle through leather. And I stuck my finger twice with the
back end of the needle.
And my left arm is so sore and achy from the car accident it gets
hard to work on bears. Very frustrating at times....
But I shall persevere. :D

Alright, my dear blog friends, if you'd like to visit
Cranberry he can be found on BearPile or Etsy.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope to be getting a bit
more on track with my blogging.
Our recent move and dealing with my shoulder has me a bit
stressed so it's hard for me to focus on what I need to focus on, but I'm
working on it. And now I feel like I've started to ramble and jump around
so I better say "bye" for now and have a great week!!!

Just a little update: Cranberry will be on his way to Denmark soon! :D


  1. He is soooooooo cute!!!! I love your little bears! They are all just so adorable.

  2. Heather, you're so sweet, thanks, I really needed to hear that right about now. :/

  3. He's a sweetie pie Kelly Jo!!!! I just love the colors and his little face is so endearing!
    Great job!