Saturday, September 4, 2010

Here's Pearl

Please don't hate me, I know as a blogger I leave much to be desired
lately. But, ugh, my life has been so stressful lately it makes doing
anything such a huge extra effort, which at the end of the day
my energy level is so sapped that I can't do anything.
Dealing with moving is stressful, they say one of the most
stressful things in life, now also dealing with my shoulder
injury from the car crash. Which I still haven't been able to
see a doc for. No one will see me since I have no insurance, and
I have no spare cash. So it's going on 5 weeks now and I'm still in
pain daily, I can't, or I should say it's painful to take a shower,
get dressed, do dishes, I could go on but.....I'll just say that any activity
that requires your elbow moving away from your waist area, this is
what produces the discomfort and pain. My elbow has to stay attached
to my side. Anyway, sorry to bore you with this I'm just a bit
frustrated and caught up in finding someone who will treat me or
at the very least take a quick peak a this and give me an idea
of what's going on. Ughh!

Anyway, I have been able to finish a bear and what a cutie
she is, I've named her Pearl. She's a big headed panda made
from the cotton fur I bought from the Pro Bear website. I really
like this fabric, it's fun to work with.

Pearl is just shy of 6 inches tall has a slight wobble
head and her arms are disk and string jointed while
her legs are disk and cotter pin jointed.
(Aint she cute?)
Pearl can be found on BearPile or Etsy
Thanks, y'all for lookin'
Have a grrrrrreat weekend!

1 comment:

  1. What a lovely Panda. Love that fur! Pro Bear are great.

    I love her little face, and was sad to see she'd found a home already ;-)

    Hope your shoulder feels better soon - take it easy!

    Love Julia xxx