Saturday, July 23, 2011

New Fabric, New Bear. . . 
new computer?
I was able to order some wonderful new fabric from Intercal,
a couple medium density alpacas and one dense mohair.
This fabric is so wonderful.  I've also ordered some felted woven
wool.  I like to use this fabric on the foot pads of my bears. I like
how it accepts the shading that I use.  Very nice. And then I love 
the Sassy poly plush doeskin fabric.  This is actually one of the 
very first fabrics I ever worked with to make a bear.  And it still
give a wonderful scruffy result, which I love!!!!
The fabrics on the bottom of the pic are the alpaca and mohair.
Upper to the right are the felted woven wool and to the left of that
is the Sassy doeskin.  :D Very excited to get working with all this lovely
fabric.  But first I am finishing up a couple of commissioned bears for a 
friend. (I'll post pictures of the bears when I finished with them) 
She wants the two bears as a gift for her son and his wife.
They are such a great couple, some of my favorite people!!
Now, the computer thing is 
a whole other animal.  My son build his "dream" computer.  Well,
that is good for me because I was handed the laptop he had been using.
A very nice one too, and it was only a little over a year old.  Much better
that what I was using.  Well within 48 hours of my getting started with my
new computer it was fried by my plugging in an appliance across the room.
There was a pop and then it went black.  Oh, boy!!!! I really can't believe
how things go for me. I've been handed a lot of lemons in life over the last year
and I've been making a lot of lemonade.
Guess I'll just keep squeezing till I run my supply of lemons out!!! :)
It's really all I can do.
So here I am back on my old laptop,
guess I'll name him "Old Faithful"
Have a great weekend friends!!! 


  1. Oh no! Hope it's not terminal for the new laptop!

  2. Well, from what my son can figure. . . the inner workings of the computer are fine. But the screen is burnt out. So to use the computer he connected it to the TV, kind of a hassle. I may end up getting a desk top monitor and use it like that. I do like the convenience of the screen and keyboard all in one place, but, that's just me.
    :) Smile On!!!! Lemonade anyone?