Friday, March 23, 2012

Teddy Bear's Tea Party
has begun.
Just in case you hadn't heard.
And if you haven't had a chance,
 take a couple minutes and visit the tea party.
It is so wonderful to see all the talent that 
shines through in the wonderful bears that are
making their debuts at this show!!
I know my bears would love to see you there.
   Julip                                          Happy 
These two bears are from a new pattern designed especially for the 
Teddy Bear's Tea Party.
Thanks for stopping by and see ya at the Tea Party.
Clicking on either picture will whisk you away to the show.


  1. I love these two and how you have shaded them. I have spent hours looking around at all of the talent at the show. It is so nice to see so many great bears all in one place.

  2. THANK YOU!! both sooo much, that really means a lot coming from such amazing artist as yourselves!!! Hugs!!!