Monday, April 23, 2012

Bears on my worktable,
and other nonsense. . .   :/
I have this feeling that someone or something is watching me.
Oh, wait, it's these little fellas. 
 Julip and Happy enjoy watching over my work table
but would really love to be adopted and are still available
over on Etsy.
And this is Lady and Dilly.
Dilly is on Etsy.  
Lady isn't on Etsy, but if anyone is interested
in adopting her you can email me and I would
be happy to help you.

My worktable as of lately.
The WIP (work in progress) there is little Willa.
She was added to my Etsy shop over the weekend and
was shortly thereafter adopted.  Yay!!!
She will be going to live in Arizona soon.
Have a great week everyone!!
<3 Hugs!  <3

1 comment:

  1. I love seeing your work table all filled with new faces. The new bears, especially the green one are so sweet. Love the way you have them shaded.