Saturday, January 2, 2010


My "day" job has been keeping me busy, somewhat anyway, so not much bearing going on over here. But, I have been debating in my mind regarding Etsy or eBay... I've done eBay for quite some time, that thought of changing over is kind of hard. Etsy, before this, never really struck me as an option for selling items. Of course, that thinking comes from a few years back, before eBay made all it's current changes. So, to make a long story short, I've decided to give Etsy a try...

I have my store up, even though it's not completely set up. It will work for now, with one little darling bear listed. I haven't named the bear and probably won't. I think I'll leave that up to the buyer.

Oh, and, my store name doesn't match my blog name, duh on me for that one. But anyway it's Blue Sage Bears. Here's a link ClickHere

And here are a couple pictures of the bear I have listed there. :D


  1. Cute bear Kelly! Good luck with Etsy. I was thinking about selling there too

  2. Thanks, I guess we'll see how it goes. Etsy's fees are more reasonable and they seem to be seller friendly. :D