Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Yippy! Skippy!!

Late on Monday, January 4th, the Chopper gift pack I'd been anxiously waiting for, made it to my mail box. Well my mail box is about .5 mile away, so I actually got the pack in hand on Tuesday. Yay!!!! Oh, the items are so lovely, the mohair is beautful, I just love everything!!! And this will be my first experience working with mohair. And to add to all the wonderfulness, Chopper is my favorite Vivianne Galli bear pattern.
Today, Wednesday, I just had to cut a Chopper out of one of the pieces of mohair.
Now, I did make a little mistake cutting Chopper out, but I am moving ahead and I think all will be well with my first mohair bear, the cute Chopper. I hope to have this little darling done tomorrow. But, if it's tomorrow or the next day, I will post pictures. Oh, I can't wait to see how this little bear turns out. :D
Although, my "day job" called me today and said they had some work for me. Which I am verrrrrry grateful for. It's good, steady $ when they have work for me, but, oh, how I would love to sit and make bears all day long. But, tomorrow I will work my "day job" then I will work on the bear.
I'll do a post later about my day job, just for fun...
Ta Ta For Now,

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