Wednesday, January 13, 2010

My Poor, little, sweet, darling Patient Bears

Well, while my day job is keeping me busy for the last week and a half or so....I continue to walk by my bear work table and see these three, yes, three bears patiently laying there just waiting to become adorable little bears.
My "day job" is work I do at home for a company called Native Scents, which works very well for me, since at this time
I'm not driving. My son helps me go pick up supplies when they call. The supplies usually are a 55 gallon barrel of potpourri, 10-20 yards of fabric, ribbon and thread, and boxes to bring the completed small pillows back.

What I do is cut and sew small 6"X6" square pouches, which I then stuff with potpourri, then I close up the top. The 10-20yds of fabric will make 100-200 small potpourri pillows. Pictured are the barrels of potpourri I get, fabric in various stages of being cute into squares, squares before and after being sewn and stuffed and then getting ready to be boxed and taken back to Native Scents...I do think, though, that the first part of this coming week I'll actually get to work on my bears!!!! Oooooh! I can't wait, here I come little darlings!!! :D


  1. Beautiful stunning colours in this fabric! That is a lot of piece work! Just fabulous! I hope you get to spend some time with your little bears soon.

  2. The fabric is the fun part and this week it will be celestial with shades of blue. But today it's all about the bears. Yay!!!!

  3. Hey! Just added you :) Your blog looks like a lot of fun!

  4. Hi, and welcome! I do hope you continue to visit and enjoy you time here.
    Thanks so much!!!!

  5. ooh.. the kit looks soo pretty.. i think.. i must have a go at it too!

  6. yes, it's very nice, I'm practicing on "non-mohair" fabric first. Then when I'm happy with the end result of the Chopper pattern, I will do a mohair Chopper bear. Yay!!!