Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Here is the little darling I've been trying to get my hands on this week. I've done a little work on him here and there. This is the Chopper pattern I got from Vivianne Galli. Of course I'm not using the mohair quite yet. The fabric I've used here has a bit of give, from side to side, so the head may seem a little wide. But, ya know, I like it...The legs and arms need to be attached and then I want to try my hand at aging this bear a bit. So, I thing the final bear will be quite different than what we see here. But, as you work on bears they really do become what they want to become....I love that part, can't wait to see how this fella turns out.

Oh, yes, and that other little bear in the picture will be going through a make-over soon...

This is the fabric for the potpourri pillows I'm working on this week. And these are what has been keeping me away from working on my bear.

The company I do the piece work for sells the pillows I make and other items around the world. These pillows here will go to Germany. I've even done pillows that have gone to the Smithsonian...They also sell lavender & flax seed filled eye pillows, (doesn't that sound nice after a long day of bear making?)incense, herbal teas and a few other items.

Okay, now I was thinking, I'd love to do a giveaway, but I don't have any bears I could put up, but I was thinking of maybe doing a giveaway with some items from the company I work for. I would maybe let the winner select 4 things from what is sold, and second place could select two things, something like that...What you think?...


  1. I love the stuff from Vivianne!!!

    Your little bear is so cute!

    The pillows look like they'd smell lovely!

    Could I use any more exclamation points?!?


    As for giveaways, your idea sounds good, and you can use the giveaway to generate more followers too.

  2. Your Bear is looking lovely Kelly. Such a sweet almost Anime little guy, with a dear little face.

    Have fun aging him - I know I had fun.

    I'm thinking of doing a giveaway at some point to try and get my number of followers up - But I think I will be making a bear especially to give away.

    The products look nice too. Giveaway whatever you want really, I'm always greatful for anything free - I haven't managed to win any of the giveaways i've entered. Never mind.

  3. ur new bear looks lovely! i'm tempted to get the chopper pattern too. =D

    If you have a giveaway, i would love to participate. i'm always grateful for anything free, especially when it's handmade! hehe

    don worry emo bears, you are not alone. i haven won any of the giveaways either. =D

  4. I am in the process of aging this darling as we speak. (Looking good!) I've admired Vivianne's things too.
    And, my friends, don't lose heart. I never win things either, but then I won the Chopper gift pack. What a shock for me... I feel like I want to give everyone something, I think that would be fun! :D