Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Bears to Come...

Well here is the bear I've been working on. It's a new pattern and bit different style.
I've been working on her in between my "day job" and other distractions.
Adding to my delay in getting this bear done is my extreme fatigue.
Which I'm actually feeling better with some medication and iron tabs. Yay!!!

I've named this little bear Blossom and she is
made from, what I was told is upholstery velvet, so I
will call it that, upholstery velvet. Blossom had a center
seam head and has 4 panels for for her head, making
it more round. She is about 5 inches tall and has
a weighted tummy and a wobble head. Overall
Blossom is somewhat, a more "relaxed" bear.
Not really floppy but not as tightly jointed as my other bears.
I really like the "relaxed" feel, it gives her a feeling of
being well loved and hugged. She's shaded and trimmed back and has a
hand made fabric flower around her neck.
I love the older look and "style" of bear and
I think Blossom is a fairly good start.
What a cutie!!!
I plan on working more with this style, so
look for similar bears to come.
Blossom will soon be in my


  1. Very cute indeed! I just added your blog to a list on my blog! Thanks for your kind comment in regards to poor, poor Quincy!
    Have a great day! Love your bears so much!