Saturday, June 19, 2010

Here's Dot

the little mohair bear I've been working on. I finished shading, aging and
adding a couple little decorations to her. She's four inches tall and has
a mildly wobbly head. Her tummy is weighted and is string and
disk jointed. She would have been nameless, but my brother
came over and helped with naming her Dot. I think the name
is just a sweet as she is. :D

Dot was a little hard to photograph due to the fabric that backs
the mohair was such a different color. So I experimented with
backgrounds for the pictures. I liked the solid black better for
this bear. The black background is a piece of wool felt.

Okay friends, little Dot can be found on
Bear Pile.


Before I finish I've got a
ShoUt OuT !!!

I would just like to send a BIG shout out to Kelly at

A Stuffed Life

Not only did she adopt the pink ellie I made, but the
input and encouragement she gave me this week were priceless.
Thanks again, Kelly

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  1. Awww I was happy to do it, I am always happy to answer questions!

    Dot is adorable!

    Hugs, Kelly