Friday, June 18, 2010

Almost Finished

with this little 4 inch sparse mohair bear. She is so cute!
I just wanted to give you all a little preview before
I put her up for adoption.

Now, she needs a little added shading to her bod,
arms and legs. Then I will add a little flower or
heart embellishment.

On a slightly different note, I would really like to express
my appreciation to all of my followers.

My son and I have this little thing we do...
I will be sitting working
quietly, thinking about all sorts of things.
And sometimes I think of my 19 year old son,
he's just the best......
Anyway, I will just go into his room and tell him
"I appreciate you"
And there are times he will do the same to me.
This can happens several times through out any given week.
It's really nice.
We all need a little pat on the back and it can be
such a spirit lifter when you least expect it.

My point is, I want to tell you, my followers,
"I appreciate you"
Your encouraging comments and input really mean a lot to
me and I just wanted to tell you so. ;)

She looks kinda funny, like she's naked...
I need to hurry and shade the rest of her.

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