Wednesday, July 21, 2010

My Therapy Bear

or I could say my mental health bear? Whatever term is correct, this is the bear
I worked on today. Which really took my mind off the accident. My mind has
been reeling and going back to the whole thing, which I guess with something
as traumatizing as that, it's to be expected.

But, I must say I really enjoyed working on this bear, it reeeeallllly helped me today.
I started him (right now the bear seems like a him, but we'll see) last week and
was not especially happy with how he seemed to be turning out, but you really
can't judge a bear until it's completed.
Well, after todays progress, I think I'm actually going to be quite pleased with him.
Here are a couple pictures. . . .I used German cotton fur, which was really fun to
work with. I really like the look of it and I think it would be a nice fabric to
make a truly vintage-y style bear from.

I think he will be done tomorrow, at that point I hope to get some
pictures of him posted here.

Thanks so much for popping by and have a great evening and day!!!


  1. A really cute teddy to be! I agree, teddy bear making is good therapy for rattled nerves.
    I imagine the accident will visit your memory for quite some time. Take care.♥

  2. He is a total cutie!! and yeah... it'll take a while to stop thinking about the crash all the time... but it'll happen! Just keep distracting yourself every time you start to focus on it... who knows, your bear producing productivity may shoot through the roof XD

  3. Woo hoo! You all are so great!!! Thanks for the comments and I hope to be making MORE bears!!