Thursday, September 23, 2010

New Bear Finished
I'm happy to introduce you to my new tiny little friend,
She is a panda style bear, made from sparse 
mohair.  She has German glass eyes, and a sweet
wobble head. Gumdrop is about 4.75 inches.
Gumdrop would love it if you would visit her on
And I will be listing her on 
Etsy as well.

Now, on a different note. Some of you may know that I've 
been having trouble with my shoulder from the car crash
I was in.  I have been having trouble finding a doctor that
will see me. . . .  Well, I finally found someone
who will work with me, but their office is a 
hour away.  Not happy with that, but very happy that I will
be seen, and my appointment is today.  So, yay!!!
maybe I will start getting better now, I can't wait to not
be in pain everyday.  I'll update on the outcome of the appointment.
Ta Ta For Now

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