Wednesday, September 29, 2010

In Panda Mode  :D

Well I guess I'm in a panda mode.  I have made several in a row.
I love these little guys.  I really like this new panda because I tried
out hand dying for  the first time.  The blue is a Rit dye which I think turned 
out well.  Yay!

This little 14 cm bear is name Cady.
Cady is available for adoption on
Ooo, she is so cute, I wanna pinch her little cheeks.

I'm working on a amigurumi turtle for a friend.
Taking a little break from fur for the day.
I spent some time earlier this year re-teaching myself
crocheting.  I had seen so many adorable bears,
and kitties, and all kinds of cute critters that I wanted
to try my hand at it.  So as a thank you gift for
a friend I'm making a turtle.  Will post a picture when I
am finished.

Also, about my doctors appointment last week.
It didn't go quite as I had hoped.  This whole process
is taking so long. And my shoulder is not getting any
better.  What needs to happen next is to get an
MRI.  Yikes!  Not words that someone who is claustrophobic
wants to hear.  :/
But at this point I'm willing to try to go through with it, I really just want
to be on the mend.  But right now I don't know if anyplace local
will give me the MRI since I am broke and have no insurance.
Boy, this whole system is screwed up, I'm not at fault for the accident,
just an innocent passenger and it's taken me over 2 months to even see
a doctor.  I should find out today if I can get an MRI locally or if I
will have to drive 4 hours to get one.
Oh well, I will keep plodding forward for now. . . .
Ta Ta For Now!  :D

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