Thursday, September 30, 2010

Sittin' by the creek. . .

The weather has been so wonderful I've been going out to sit by the creek 
and do some crocheting.  Occasionally I get the itch to crochet, which 
is what has happened lately.  I wanted a gift for a friend so what better
thing than to crochet a little turtle.  I mentioned this in my last
post, and, woo hoo! I actually finished it by my self imposed deadline!
So here is the little creek turtle. . . 

This is my crochet creek,
Junction Creek in Durango, Co.  
I love this creek, it's about 20 yards 
from my front door.  Aaaaaa!!!
Okay, TTFN!!  :D
Oh yes, I almost forgot, I would like to
share the blog from which I got the turtle pattern.
Amy's Odyssey

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