Thursday, August 23, 2012

Chloe 'N Tippy

Here is the first doll I have made in over 3 years, as she sits
with her friend Tippy. Both of whom are available for adoption.

 It was so great and refreshing to make a doll again, and do something 
different.  I love making my bears, but to have another option,
to be able to take you mind off bears and go somewhere else was 
just so great.  I will be making more dolls.  I already have on other 
one in the making.  She will be smaller than Chloe, who is 9.5 inches.
I'm trying to keep the next one around 6 inches.

Tippy is available on Bear Pile

Chloe is available on eBay

Thank you for stopping by!  :D

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