Friday, August 3, 2012

Dolls to Bears

Before I started making bears I was making cloth dolls.  I did that off and on for about 
7-8 years.  The first dolls I made were the primitive kind.  Very old and grungy looking.
That was fun, with button eyes and aged with cinnamon and coffee.  
I stepped away from that for a few years, then one day a friend gave me a bag of 
cotton stuffing. 
 Mmmmmmm, what was I going to do with this.  Okay, I decided to get some
muslin fabric and try a doll.  But this time I wanted to do painted faces and 
make cute big eyed dolls.  This was back in '08 and '09.  The pictures are some 
of the dolls I had made.  


I discovered bears in the summer of '09 and never finished the doll I was
at the time working on.
That would be the little doll pictured below.
Poor little thing.  But her day may be coming soon.
I have been itching lately to do some dolls.  I think I
will finish this doll finally, after over three years.
She is a patient little one.
I've learned a lot while making bears and I hope that if 
I add cloth dolls to my work table they will benefit from all
that I have learned.

 The three little bears  ;)  shown here are all available for 
adoption on Bear Pile.
I know they would love for you to visit them.
And who knows, maybe soon you will also see the 
little doll all done and ready for a new home too.

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  1. Just in case no one has told you today....Your a very talented artist. I love your bears and dolls and you have a great eye for color and design .